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  • Sue Burke

Hello 2020

I tend to start the new year by cleaning up and using up fabric scraps from previous projects. For me, that means sorting tubs full of felted wool scraps. These “ Day of the Dead” ornaments are one of the projects that help me with this process and continue to be a popular item with my customers. I always hope that I will create more space in my small workspace by using up last year’s materials, but like many fiber artists, I just seem to collect more. I try to use upcycled materials whenever practical and would like to give a shout out to Bellingham’s “Ragfinery” as a great resource. The Ragfinery.com was created to help keep textiles out of the waste stream. Check them out if you are in the area. Also, let’s think carefully when buying new garments. Things to consider: How much will I wear it? How much do I already own? How long will it last? OK, friends, I’m going to get back to cleaning up . Next project? Potholders.